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The MapTiler Team

We are a young team of professionals who share a passion for maps. Our contribution to the geo-community includes work on various open-source and research projects. Our offices are based in Unterägeri, Switzerland and Brno, Czech Republic.


Petr Pridal started Klokan Technologies GmbH in 2010 as a result of his 10 years experience with freelance activities. As an active participant of conferences worldwide, he believes in the importance of widely accessible map tools.

Our journey

Back in 2010, after years of freelancing, passion for maps was transformed into the company. Connect by heart, the founder, Petr Pridal, gives new company his boy scout nickname, Klokan. And this is the diary of the fantastic journey till these days.


June 2018


MapTiler as a family of products

MapTiler becomes complex mapping platform.

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MapTiler Cloud

Maps API for your apps.

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May 2018


December 2017

OpenMapTiles Map Server

The easiest way for map hosting with few clicks in less than 10 minutes.

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Space Oscar

European Space Agency annual award Copernicus Masters was given to KlokanTech team.

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November 2017

October 2017

Prix Carto

Swiss cartographical society honored KlokanTech by innovation prize.

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OpenMapTiles Satellite

Cloudless satellite layer based on ESA Copernicus images.

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August 2017

January 2017



Open-source software allowing anyone to host a map based on OpenStreetMap.

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Simple uploading gigabytes of data to Google drive.

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November 2016

October 2016

OSMNames brought uniqueness to place search by ranking each entry by related Wikipedia page popularity.

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TileServer GL

TilServer GL enables everyone to host vector map tiles on own infrastructure using open-source technology.

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August 2016


January 2015

TileServer PHP

MBTiles from any PHP hosting.

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OL3 Cesium

OL3 Cesium adds the third dimension to the popular open-source JavaScript library for displaying maps on the web.

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November 2014

November 2014

Georeferencer for David Rumsey announced in New York

One of the world largest map collection was enhanced by Georeferencer, the tool for assigning a geographical location to old maps.

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Open-source web service with a database of coordinate systems used in maps worldwide.

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March 2014


July 2013


MapTiler PRO

The graphical user interface makes MapTiler accessible to non-tech people.

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Bartholomew Globe prize from Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Royal Scottish Geographical Society award for contribution development.

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December 2012

June 2012

Booth at Google |/O conference

Surrounded by companies like Intel, Autodesk and HP, Klokantech makes his debut in this annual developer festival.

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OldMapsOnline announced in New York

The project breathes in life to history by creating the biggest collection of historical maps, searchable by place and historical era.

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February 2012


March 2011

WebGL Earth at ESRI DevSummit

KlokanTech software showed on the stage by the most signifant player in GIS field.

WebGL Earth

WebGL Earth brings a world globe for the very first time in the web browser.

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March 2011


June 2010

MapTiler recommended by Apple

During the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple recommends MapTiler.

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Klokantech founded

Group of people forms around Petr Pridal, who founds Klokan Technologies.


2008-MapTiler 0.1

MapTiler, which later become a flagship of the whole company, was built to help end users with transforming images into map tiles.